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Chelsea Transfer news latest


Frank Lampard – manager of Chelsea sat for press conference ahead of Chelsea’s fixture with West Ham United.

Declan Rice 

Frank Lampard is expecting to sign Declan Rice from West Ham United. Lampard commented “Decan Rice is a good player. I have known Declan Rice for a long time since he was in Chelsea’s training academy”.

Frank Lampard expects to convert Rice to a center-back position.

Lampard on Werner and Ziyech

Frank Lampard is planning to put Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech through specific training to get them up to pace when they arrive at Stamford Bridge

He said: “I’m in the process of arranging the plan. They do become our players but right now they’re in different positions. Hakim hasn’t played for a long time and Timo finished just at the weekend.  So we’ll formulate a plan for them.”

Chelsea transfer news latest
Werner has signed the deal with blues till 2025, with 170,000 Euro per week as salary.

Nicolas Tie

Nicolas Tie could be on the verge of joining the Portuguese top side, Vitoria.

The Chelsea keeper is linked with a permanent exit, despite breaking into the Chelsea’s Champions League ‘B’ list squad in February as the fourth-choice keeper.

The Ivory Coast Under-23 star is in advanced talks with Vitoria, according to Santi’ FM.

 Tie’s Chelsea deal ends next summer. Tie has rapidly grown in his physical stature over the past year.

Angel Gomes

Frank Lampard claims that Chelsea has NOT offered any contract to Angel Gomes.

The Blues boss has also confirmed signing the out-going Manchester United youngster – Angel Gomes has never been discussed at the club.

Lampard said: “I can elaborate to the point that it’s never been mentioned on my end. That’s it.”

Jadon Sancho

Oliver Harbord has said: “It’s looking more likely that Chelsea won’t be going in for Jadon Sancho this summer. The Blues are making moves in the market, but Manchester United look the most likely to snap him up.

“The fee could be too high for Chelsea and United look set to make him their main target.”

Kai Havertz to Chelsea

Talking about the German wonderboy, Bayer Leverkusen has received two bids for Kai Havertz. it’s not from Manchester United, it’s not from Liverpool, it’s not from Bayern Munich, but it’s from Chelsea and Real Madrid.

As you know there’s been business going on between Madrid and Chelsea –   

  • Madrid bought Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea and they bought Eden Hazard as well.
Kai Havertz is gonna be the potential replacement of Eden Hazard for Chelsea

Now Chelsea is not just selling players to Real Madrid but competing with Real Madrid for some of the best players in world football. 

This just goes to show exactly the kind of caliber of talent that Roman Abramovich and Chelsea Football Club are looking to bring in order to bolster this squad to give Frank Lampard an opportunity to build a dynasty at Chelsea Football Club.


Not entirely sure how legitimate this is, but it seems Chelsea have submitted an 88 million Euro bid as have Real Madrid supposedly have offered 80 million so the first thing that we can establish is that Chelsea has gone in higher than what Real Madrid have gone in for which of course is going to be something that interest Bayer Leverkusen.

Chelsea supposedly has also gone in with wages of 9.5 million euros per year a salary that is 500,000 euros per year more than what Real Madrid has offered.

Rumors of 88 million Euro bid for Havertz by Chelsea Football Club
Chelsea or Madrid?

So the good news for Chelsea is with the initial offer of more money it’s gonna show Kai Havertz that Chelsea does have the financial muscle to compete with arguably the biggest club in the world.

When it comes to big-money transfer you got PSG, but PSG isn’t even in the race for Havertz.

Kai Havertz has said that he wants to be challenging for the Champions League and PSG doesn’t have one of those to their name.

Real Madrid have been very good in the Champions League, and of course Chelsea with the signing of Timo Werner and with the agent Rudiger influence and of course all of the energy and attention have been given across the Chelsea community, I’m pretty sure that Havertz is aware that Chelsea fans in Chelsea Football Club are very excited about the potential of Havertz becoming a Chelsea player.

Why Chelsea over Madrid? 

Without any further adieu, I want to give an explanation as to why Kai Havertz is going to choose Chelsea over Real Madrid, other than the painstaking obvious that at the moment he’s contracted to by a Leverkusen.

Supposedly Chelsea has offered more money so Bayer Leverkusen would naturally be drifting towards saying to Chelsea at this moment, Kai Havertz on the other hand will be looking at the project that is happening right now at Chelsea.

We all know that Chelsea has got big influence and also Chelsea already going out and spending big money on Timo Werner,  Kai Havertz is gonna be looking at this and thinking about what not only will it give him an opportunity to link up with Werner, which we’ve already seen the duo playing well together for Germany.

Chelsea transfer news latest
Havertz and Werner duo have linked up brilliantly for German international team

It’s also that Chelsea has got the Rüdiger effect in their center-back, who is again German and has played with Havertz for their country before.

Rudiger has been playing as an agent to make Havertz one of the Blues!

Also, the project that Frank Lampard is building right now at Chelsea with the backing of Abramovich with the business already being done early for the signings of both Ziyech and Timo Werner Chelsea at the moment are showing aspirations to be the same way that Real Madrid has been over the past 10 years.

Chelsea closed the deal of Hakim Ziyech in February, with a 40 million Euro transfer fee and a 5-year contract. 

Real Madrid – 3 Champions League trophies in a row if you look at the squad it’s a relatively aging squad and you look at the big-money signings, they’ve bought in Eden Hazard – as much as we love him, but again for the next five years Eden will be getting older and what we shall see a is a little older squad at Madrid.

However, at Chelsea at this moment there is a team that is based around youth, it’s a team that is very very young as average age and Kai Havertz would be coming in and not only would there probably be some guarantees that he would be getting starting minutes at Chelsea but there’s also the potential that Kai Havertz could be part of a very successful team not just in the Premier League but in European football for many years to come as well.

I think the Chelsea project, even though they don’t necessarily have those European trophies in the past few years that Real Madrid does have, the Chelsea project if we look forward into the future is definitely one where young players are not only given opportunities but shows you’re already in the top four.

The Champions League’s been very good for Chelsea this season as well, you add into the mixer that Bayer Leverkusen we’ll probably be looking to sell Havertz if he wants to leave and then Chelsea becomes a very attractive club for Havertz to go ahead and pick.

Chelsea transfer news latest
Havertz has been exceptional new talent in world football.

Also, what Chelsea has done this summer is that they have gone in very early for players and have tried to get business done and if Havertz and his team behind closed doors are looking at this thinking about Chelsea who in the past whenever they’ve gone in early for players and whenever Chelsea has tried to conduct its business even before the transfer window opens they’ve backed it up by winning trophies immediately after.

So in terms of the case studies, if Havertz would be looking to choose which club to go for, in terms of success, Chelsea over the years has spent money and then been given immediate success as a result of doing so.

They also have that power, Marina Granovsky, the woman who knows how to negotiate transfers, by whom over the years Chelsea has seen work magic for the club.

Chelsea transfer news latest
Marina Granovsky with Frank Lampard

So, if this information is true about Chelsea going in with an 8 million extra bid on top of what Real Madrid has offered and with the additional salary that Chelsea has offered as well I think Kai Havertz is coming into the Premier League and coming to Chelsea Football Club is something that is looking more and more likely by the day.

With Chelsea and Real Madrid going in to do the business early it puts clubs like Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Liverpool who are also supposedly interested in signing Havertz it puts those clubs on the back foot.

This means that they’re going to have to act a lot quicker and with Chelsea and Real Madrid putting in bids there are definite conversations that will already be happening behind the scenes in order to try and sell the Chelsea projects or the Real Madrid projects to young Havertz.

With the hope that the money that’s been offered already is more appealing from Bayer Leverkusen’s perspective to accept Chelsea’s bid.

Also, the wages that Chelsea has offered Kai Havertz are absolutely astronomical, which would again make sense for Kai Havertz to go for, in terms of money.

Although Kai Havertz won’t just gonna be just taking a look at the money and thinking “yeah we’re going straight to Chelsea” because it’s Real Madrid Chelsea is competing against – one of the biggest clubs in the world with a club that does have the financial muscle to match what Chelsea offer and probably then offer more on top if they need to.

But Chelsea is definitely proving a point here that if they have gone out and made that bid for Kai Havertz if it is all true then Chelsea is making waves for him. 

Chelsea transfer news latest
Havertz to Chelsea Football Club is the most likely move with the probability of 4/5

Chelsea are wanting to build a team to go and conquer the world and Kai Havertz has been one of the best young players in the world, and Chelsea is on their way to doing that already.


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