FIFA World Cup 2018 Final

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Final


FIFA World Cup 2018 Final
FIFA World Cup 2018 Final Result


Goal Scorers of FIFA World Cup 2018 Final

18′  Mario Mandžukić   (Own Goal)  France 1–0 Croatia

28′  Ivan Perišić  (France 1–1 Croatia)

38′  Antoine Griezmann (Penalty) France 2–1 Croatia

59′  Paul Pogba  (France 3–1 Croatia)

65′  Kylian Mbappe  (France 4–1 Croatia)

69′  Mario Mandžukić  (France 4–2 Croatia)


Team Line Ups ( FIFA World Cup 2018 Final)

FIFA World Cup 2018 Final
Playing XI of FIFA World Cup 2018 Final


Formation ( FIFA World Cup 2018 Final)


FIFA World Cup 2018 Final


Match Stats of FIFA World Cup 2018 Final

Possession Stats 

Fra 39%    61% Cro 


Shots on Goal

Fra 6(3)  –  15(8) Cro


Corner Kicks 

Fra  2 – 6  Cro

Summary of FIFA World Cup 2018 Final 


Key players today

For Croatia, Modric and Rakitic are the ones who have set the tempo, controlled the game, and made the teamwork. Ivan Perisic is their most dangerous player though and will give Benjamin Pavard a difficult time. He’s an attacking winger who has power and strength – the kind of player who can dribble past you on his way to making a cross, or comes steaming in at the back post to launch a header past the goalkeeper.

For France, most of the attacks will be done on the counter and will be lead by Mbappe. Kante is needed to win the ball, Pogba is the one who turns defence into attack and Mbappe can destroy defences if he’s able to get on the ball.

It is 15:37 on the clock,

The closing ceremony is underway: The players have made way for the performers participating in a closing ceremony. Ronaldinho massively upstages Will Smith with that cameo on the drums.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Final
Closing Ceremony

It is 15:53 on the clock,

Both the teams have lined up in the tunnel, as out on the pitch is former German international captain Philipp Lahm, who returns the World Cup trophy for a new team to claim. He places it on a ceremonial plinth for the teams to gaze at as they march out on the pitch. It’s up for grabs now!!!

FIFA World Cup 2018 Final
It’s so shiny!! The trophy. Not Philipp Lahm.


Here come the players!

It’s the World Cup final! The players are on their way.

There’s no chat whatsoever between the players, whose faces are a study in concentration as they are given the order to march out into the colosseum’s arena. They line up either side of the referee Pitana and his team of assistants and prepare for the national anthems.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Final
Both the teams line up to sing their National Anthems.

It is 16:00 on the clock,


And we’re off!

Croatia kick-off, their players are wearing red and white check shirts, white shorts, and white socks while the players of France are in navy blue shirts, shorts, and socks.

2 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

Croatia starts well, try and get some touches of the ball, France win possession and pass around a bit. Umtiti tries to go past Modric – this is dangerous! Croatia’s high press nearly pays off early on but Modric fouls Umtiti. 

3 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

The captain of Croatia concedes the first free-kick of the game, with a foul on French center-back, Samuel Umtiti. Croatia, to nobody’s great surprise, is playing their usual pressing game.

4 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

Modric catches Hernandez and gives away another free-kick… but Benjamin Pavard is caught napping on the ball, allowing Ivan Perisic to get forward. He takes on Raphael Varane and tries to beat him with a few step-overs, but the French defender isn’t gonna allow that.

6 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

Croatia has started on much of the brighter of the two sides and isn’t showing nerves! They’ve started with a spark that is making France work early on.

8 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

An important block by Mbappe on Ivan Strinic results in a corner for the Croatian side. France is looking under intense pressure here. The Croatian midfielder nutmegged Benjamin Pavard to play into Strinic, who dropped down a cross from a tight angle. Mbappe did very well to get back to block the incoming cross, although nothing comes of the corner.

10 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

It’s all Croatia tonight, so far, with the French side struggling to go out of their own half. Croatia just looks sharper all around the pitch, all the players know their roles and responsibilities.

12 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

France gets the ball out of their own half, only to see it sent back with courtesy of a powerful Dejan Lovren header. The French don’t look at the races here at all – Croatia is absolutely bossing them, but have yet to create a chance of note.

14 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

Varane sends a horrible pass out to Mbappe. It’s hit too fast and is bobbling and Mbappe struggles to control – he was lucky that Perisic couldn’t steal the ball off him and run down that left side. 

16 mins – France 0 Croatia 0 ( FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 FINALS)

Perisic is away! He has the entire left of the pitch to run into… sprints to the box and has men in the area to cross to! Umtiti watches the move well and blocks. Croatia is in total control here. Perisic has gone down, holding his face, as an off-the-ball incident occurs involving him and Lucas Hernandez. Replays show that he has taken an accidental blow to his face as he tried to spin in behind the defender to make a run for the goal.

18 mins – France 0 Croatia 0

Giroud collects the ball in the final third and uses his strength and balance to hold off Rakitic and keep possession. Mbappe dribbles past Rakitic into the box but the low cross is booted away… Griezmann looks for contact and goes down when he gets it. France has a free-kick about 25/30 yards out slightly right of the goal.

19 mins – GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL! France 1 Croatia 0

GRIEZMANN HAS SCORED! Or is that an own goal? It is! Oh, the poor guy. Mandzukic jumps to block the shot and ends up turning it into his own net. 

FIFA World Cup 2018 Final
Mandzukic nets in his own goal.


FIFA World Cup 2018 Final
Croatian player despairs as the referee claims it’s an own goal.

Having been on the back foot for the first quarter of the game, France goes ahead and courtesy goes to an own goal from Mario Mandzukic that was completely against the run of play. From the free-kick, Antoine Griezmann whipped the ball into the penalty area, where Croatians were defending far too deep inside. Mario Mandzukic rose highest to get the touch that sent the ball past Subasic and inside the far right corner. The camera cuts to Mandzukic, who looks completely stunned by what’s just happened.

24 mins – France 1 Croatia 0

France has cooled down a little now and seems calmer on the ball…  but Mbappe might be away here! A brilliant pass from Blaise Matuidi trying to put the lightning-fast teenager through on goal as France counter-attack. It’s two on one situation, slightly on the right side of the goal. Vida comes flying across and clears the danger. Absolutely brilliant defending from the left-back.

25 mins – France 1 Croatia 0 ( FIFA World Cup 2018 Final )

With just over a quarter of the game done, Croatia’s players and supporters must be cursing their luck. They have been completely dominant but surprisingly, they are one goal down.

26 mins – France 1 Croatia 0

Ooooh controversial scenes. Croatia has free-kick wide left, it’s crossed in and Mario Mandzukic is clearly held by Paul Pogba. He goes down to the ground under Pogba’s attention but nobody seems to even protest too much! France gets away with one there. 

28 mins – France 1 Croatia 0

Kante is booked! Perisic looked a real threat there. He controls the ball well, runs between the players and Kante catches him a little to stop the move. Devious defending by N’Golo Kante.

29 mins – GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL! France 1 Croatia 1


The free-kick comes in, it’s headed back across goal, Vida lays it back and Perisic’s first touch is brilliant! He pulls the ball away from a tackle, sets himself up, and then batters a low volley at goal! A tiny deflection takes it past Hugo Lloris and Croatia are level pegging!


FIFA World Cup 2018 Final
Croatia’s Ivan Perisic, second left, scores his side’s first goal. Both teams are back on level.
FIFA World Cup 2018 Finals
Croatia’s Ivan Perisic celebrates with teammates after scoring his side’s first goal.
32 mins – France 1 Croatia 1

That goal makes this game way more interesting. Croatia is back in charge and taking the match to France.

34 mins – France 1 Croatia 1 ( FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 FINAL )


The referee is going over to look at the incident! There might be a penalty to France here! France won a corner, which Griezmann curled into the penalty area. Blaise Matuidi tried to get on the end of it but isn’t able to make decent contact with his head. France’s players claim Ivan Perisic handled the ball and it’s going to VAR!!! Referee Nestor Pitana is going pitch-side for a look at his monitor.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Finals
The referee checks the handball by Perisic on VAR monitor

Croatia surround the referee after the penalty decision… but he’s seen the incident and made the right.

39 mins – GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL! France 2 Croatia 1

And Greizmann scores!!!  Antoine Griezmann rolls the ball past Danijel Subasic into the bottom left-hand corner and France re-take the lead. It’s the World Cup final and it’s 2-1 to France

FIFA World Cup 2018 FInals
France celebrate their 2nd goal by Griezmann (Penalty)

So, VAR has made the first big World Cup final call in history and I am not 100% sure if it was correct. The ball was crossed from the right and  Perisic, got his head to it. Before he did so, Perisic had dropped his arm and made contact with the ball. The referee didn’t see him do so but his attention was drawn to it by French players and his VAR officials. 


41 mins – France 2 Croatia 1

MARIO MANDZUKIC! Croatia nearly hits them back straight away! The cross comes in but Croatia players just couldn’t react on time inside the box! 

Hernandez is booked for a foul on Rebic.

So, VAR has made the first big World Cup final call in history and I am not 100% sure if it was correct. The ball was crossed from the right and  Perisic, got his head to it. Before he did so, Perisic had dropped his arm and made contact with the ball. The referee didn’t see him do so but his attention was drawn to it by French players and his VAR officials. 
43 mins – France 2 Croatia 1

The ball rolls back to Subasic and he’s missed it! Ooooohhhhhh if he had been five yards further back that was a hugely embarrassing own goal. The goalkeeper gets away with it.

Umtiti pushes Mandzukic to the floor and Croatia has another free-kick in France final third.

It’s long to the back post…. headed back and lands with Lovren! He absolutely batters a shot at goal but it hits Pogba and goes behind for a corner.

45 mins+2 – France 2 Croatia 1

Rakitic takes his third corner in a row AND VIDA IS THERE! SO CLOSE! Vida connects but just can’t get enough on the ball to turn it towards goal. France survive.

45 + 3 mins – France 2 Croatia 1

Vrsalko sends in a glorious cross from the right touchline  but Perisic doesn’t go for it and another great chance goes a-begging.

Half-time: France 2-1 Croatia

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