FIFA World Cup Wallpaper

FIFA World Cup Wallpaper



About FIFA World Cup

  1. Every 4 years, the whole of the world goes crazy for one of the biggest sporting events of all time, that is, the FIFA World Cup.
  2. This international football tournament averages 3.2 billion viewers. That’s probably around 400 million less than the Olympics.
  3. Around the world, people gather in cafes, sports bars, and other public restaurants to share in the triumphs and defeats of their supporting teams. The energy of such a crowd is delightful!


1) Federation Internationale de Football Association, aka FIFA, was founded in 1904 by representatives of seven European countries:

  • France,
  • Spain,
  • Belgium,
  • Denmark,
  • Netherlands,
  • Switzerland, 
  • Sweden.2) They systemized the rules of the game in international matches and arranged competitions.

First World Cup ( FIFA World Cup Wallpaper )

  1. From those first international football or soccer games, interest in a global competition began to grow.

2. However, the Olympic Football competitions were already existing as an event occurring every four years.

3. Amidst ongoing debates between FIFA and the International Olympic Committee regarding the amateur status of athletes.

4. Thus, FIFA decided to host its own international competition, allowing national teams to select players from local and professional football clubs.

5. The first FIFA World Cup was played in 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay between thirteen teams.

6. This location was selected as Uruguay had won Olympic gold for soccer in 1924 and 1928, and many extravagant celebrations were already planned for their country’s 100th anniversary.

7. However, only four European nations attended, due to the economic troubles in Europe and players’ fears of losing their full-time jobs if they took so much time off for the games.

World Cup Five Fun Facts

1) Only 13 teams participated in the first World Cup, the teams being :

  • Argentina,
  • Belgium,
  • Brazil,
  • Bolivia,
  • Chile,
  • France,
  • Mexico,
  • Paraguay,
  • Peru,
  • Romania,
  • The United States,
  • Uruguay,
  • Yugoslavia.

2) No country outside of Europe or South America has ever won the World Cup.

3) Only Brazil has qualified to compete in every World Cup since the tournament began in 1930.

4) Brazil has the most World Cup titles so far, with a total of Five. Italy and Germany are right behind, both with a total of four World Cups in their name.

5) The FIFA World Cup was first played in 1930, with Uruguay being both the host country, and eventually becoming champion that year.


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